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Black and Gray Tattoos

Realistic Portrait, Surreal, and Geometric Styles

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Surrealism, Realistic Portraits, Geometric, and Dotwork by Cory James

Black and grey tattoos are more than a personal style choice. They reflect a stoic mindset that embraces darkness, shadow, and light. This aesthetic can speak to all walks of life. My style blends realistic, surreal, portrait, dotwork, and geometric tattoos. 

Want a portrait tattoo artist to recreate a picture perfect photo on your skin? Want to add to unique visual themes to the photo’s subject for a one of a kind design to match your concept? Hit me up. 

I’ll ensure you leave my shop with art you love that will stand the test of time. Tell me your idea, show me some inspiration, or point out some of my work you like as a basis for a certain subject. I will then take that idea and turn it into a new tattoo using modern techniques. 

I have eight years of experience in the tattoo business and thousands of hours tattooing. My portfolio spans geometric, surreal and, realistic tattoos from throughout my career. Check out my portfolio of different styles or a gallery containing my favorite pieces from all them.

A hard working tattoo artist dedicated to clients and their vision. 


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