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I moved to Austin from Milwaukee in 2013 to immerse myself in a culture heavily inspired by art and tattoos. My oldest artistic background is in photography. Philosophically, I strive to embody nature by following patterns set forth in natural laws and truths discovered through intuitive observation. This includes bringing old photos back to life on the skin, whether as a realistic replica or a stylized, conceptual element in a larger piece. Thus I meld physical features that make us uniquely human with patterns that place us within the whole of nature.

Together, my background and philosophy influence my artwork toward an outgrowth of traditional black and grey styles. I feel a deep responsibility to carry on traditional tattooing with forward-thinking design and content.

My foremost influence remains my grandfather Fred Steffan, a sign painter and character artist in the ad industry in the ‘40s and ‘50s. He was always larger than life in my mind, leaving a trail of beautiful work in his wake that brought a sense of accomplishment not just to him, but to generations of my family. I humbly hope I can achieve a similar legacy to honor his memory.

Outside tattooing, I enjoy charcoal drawing and primitive photography methods and by traveling to conventions and other studios to learn new techniques and getting tattooed by my favorite artists.

Bring me an idea, a concept, an emotion, or a story. Tell me a lived experience be it light, dark, pious, or rebellious in nature. Together we’ll distill these down to a  clear picture we want the viewer to see and feel. It is my goal for you to wear the tattoo proudly .   A light, dark, and/or shadow aspect of your self that stands the test of time.

Hit me up with questions or to book an appointment. Let’s make magic happen.

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